The Importance of the Wisconsin Special Election

The Importance of the Wisconsin Special Election

Wisconsin’s special election to fill the seat vacated by Rep Sean Duffy takes place soon, and it could help change the outcome of the 2020 presidential election.

The Special General Election is on May 12th. If a Republican wins the election, the GOP will continue to lead in many of the state delegations across the country. This means that if none of the presidential candidates win the minimum 270 electoral votes this year, President Trump will have an advantage since the House of Representatives gets to choose the president in that situation.

If that happens, the Senate, which will probably still be controlled by the Republicans, will get to pick the vice president. Chances are pretty good that they would choose Pence.

What happens if the House can’t decide on who should be president? Then Pence would automatically fill the position until the House can make a decision.

While this situation might seem unlikely, the political climate in the US has been contentious for years, especially since the Dems are so set on doing anything to stop Trump from being president. If Wisconsin can get a Republican elected to Duffy’s old seat, Democrats won’t have much of a chance to keep Trump out of the Oval Office for another term.

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