The Left Makes Fun of Melania

The Left Makes Fun of Melania

It all started with an innocent tweet:

The White House, celebrating Melania’s birthday, posted an image of her sitting in the Oval Office. Smiling, she glances to the side, where reporters stand at the ready to capture her beauty in film.
She looks happy. Radiant, even.
It’s a lovely picture that encapsulates her role as First Lady, her appearance, and her reserved and patient personality. But as you might expect, the Left certainly didn’t see it that way. They just won’t leave her alone…

Key Points

  • The image was first posted on Melania’s birthday (April 26th), where it drew immediate attention from Twitter followers. At first, it seems fairly normal; she’s seated on the Oval Office couch where it appears the press is taking pictures of her in honor of her birthday.
  • If you look closely, you’ll notice that there’s a bigger story playing out. Melania glances to the right of the image with a slight smile on her face. The cameras, on the other hand, are focused at a spot off-camera to her Left.
  • In fact, most of the people standing behind her are looking to the left, too…leaving many to wonder just what was happening off-screen. This, of course, gave the Left the perfect opportunity to launch the rumor mill.
  • Left-leaning users fired back, mocking her for the image. One called it “sadness personified,” while another suggested she was wearing  “Resting BeBest face.” Others tried to say it was proof Trump abuses her or that it was proof she hates her husband and secretly plots to escape him…absurd!
  • So what’s really going on here? First, Melania isn’t displaying any sort of meekness, abused woman characteristics, or even sadness here. She’s simply sitting quietly as she tends to do at most public events. Just because her husband is an extrovert doesn’t mean she automatically is, too.
  • What you’re not seeing off-camera is President Trump and Czech Prime Minister Andrej Babis sitting to the left. That’s the only reason the cameras appear to be overlooking her. They weren’t ignoring her at all, they were just taking a few moments to grab pictures of Trump and Babis.

There is no sadness here aside from the inherent tragedy of full-grown adults making fun of our First Lady. It’s an excellent picture that showcases her doing what she’s done best all along — supporting her husband in his important role as President.
Let’s show Melania that she really is loved and supported. Leave your birthday wishes for her in the comments!