The Moon, Venezuela and the Dangers of Big Tech

The Moon, Venezuela and the Dangers of Big Tech

Pence Speaks Out on the Moon

Vice President Mike Pence recently told CBS News the US is still “100% committed” to sending astronauts to the moon in 2024. Could we be headed for another Apollo mission…or maybe even the first steps toward a lunar mining colony?

The plan is to establish a long-term presence on the moon. This will act as a stepping stone to getting piloted flights to Mars. How interesting and exciting to see the US at the forefront of the scientific community once again.

Venezuelan Fighter Jet Stalks US Aircraft

The US Southern Command (USSC) just released an extremely shocking video with the power to permanently damage relations between Venezuela and the United States. Footage contained within shows a Venezuelan fighter jet stalking an American military plane.

Although it wasn’t immediately clear what Venezuela intended with the bizarre behavior, the USC isn’t mincing words about this serious transgression. They claim it’s proof Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro has a total lack of respect for international laws.

FaceApp Presents New Dangers

If you’ve used any type of social media in the past week, you’ve probably heard that the Russians may be attempting to steal information yet again. This time, it stems not from politicians, but from a smartphone and tablet app.

FaceApp allows users to upload pictures from a phone. With a click of a button, advanced facial aging algorithms age progress the images to present the user with an older version of themselves (why anyone would want to look older…well, we just don’t know).

But here’s the problem: FaceApp isn’t as fun and innocent as it seems. Their Terms of Use allow them to sell or share all data collected from anyone who uses the app – and that’s exactly what happened during the Cambridge Analytica scandal.

Remember, in this digital age we’ve got to be careful to protect our privacy. Just because it’s fun, doesn’t mean it’s safe!

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