The New Political Weapon: Kids

The New Political Weapon: Kids
The New Political Weapon: Kids

Thousands of American high schoolers spent the day on Monday—a school day—protesting against presidential-elect Donald Trump. The rest of the nation sat and watched, completely baffled. Why are they protesting against Trump? He won the election. It’s over now. He’s going to be president. Period. Are they unable to assimilate this truth? Do they think protests are like rain dances—if they protest hard enough, the clouds will suddenly part and a new president will magically fall from the sky?
And what exactly are they protesting against? The man? His policies? The electoral college? Ask a few of them and you’ll discover they really aren’t too sure. What is clear is that this is a group of young people who are being fueled by a diet of poorly-digested sound bites. They characterize Trump in snippets and half sentences. They say things like, “He’s building a wall, so he’s a racist.”
So, why are they doing this? Are they really expecting to effect some monumental change in the world? Or do they just want to cut class, hang out with their friends, scream and shout, and tear up other people’s stuff? The fact is, it looks pretty exciting to be in a group of rowdy protesters. It puts video games to shame and brings the adrenaline to the real world. That’s not to say there aren’t a few out there who genuinely care and really understand the issues, but they are largely the exception.
Who is really behind these teen protests? They are far too well organized for the kids to be putting them together on their own. To start with, it’s a safe bet that the parents of most of these kids voted for Hillary Clinton—and they just got smacked. They’re fighting mad and many of them condone if not outright sending their kids out as surrogates. Then there are the school teachers and administrators who are unofficially “blessing” these protests.
There have also been instances of “community organizers” who have assisted in pulling together protest groups. Due to the video evidence we all have of the Clinton campaign paying agitators to incite violence at Trump rallies during the campaign, it wouldn’t be a stretch to assume that the same technique is still being employed in some places.
In fact, Trump has recently tweeted that he believes this to be the case.
Any way you slice it, these kids are being used. Used by parents unable to accept Clinton’s defeat. Used by high school faculty and staff and community organizers to push an agenda. They are being used by the Democrats as a way of rewriting history on the most contentious political campaign in our nation’s history.
The keyword here is “used.”  Our nation’s children are being used for some perceived political gain, and one that isn’t even very clear at that. Now who’s deplorable?
Should we suggest Trump supporter kids organize a walk-out protest of the protestors?
No, we should not. That’s what they want—more attention. This divisiveness ends one of two ways. Fizzle out or fight. We can always fight—let’s let these politically malnourished people fizzle out while we do more important things.