The Next Civil War and What You Need to Know About It

The Next Civil War and What You Need to Know About It
The Next Civil War and What You Need to Know About It

It’s hard NOT to think about a Civil War in the near future, if you live in America. With monuments coming down, violence in the streets, and an untold amount of rearranging of schedules going on in order to keep people safe, the question doesn’t seem to be whether or not there will be a civil war, but when there will be one. Only, this one will be different from the last.

Electronic Battles

By most accounts, it wasn’t the military that won the last civil war, but the militia. That’s because they were more familiar with the landscape and how to survive on it. The same holds true for many people today, but technology has taken things to a whole new level. Some people may fight with their laptops, seated comfortably on their couches at home.
What this means for the average citizen is that you need to be prepared to do without modern conveniences, and that doesn’t just mean your checking account. Electricity, gas, running water, and convenience food are just a few of the things that you may have to do without. On top of that, you’ll need to be able to protect what you DO have. Of course, your checking account may not be safe, either. Even cash could lose its value.

Expect the Unexpected

You might get along just fine with your neighbors now, but dogs wandering onto your lawn and the sounds of revving motorcycles will be the least of your worries. If there is a civil war, tensions will increase daily. You can prepare by talking to your neighbors now to find out where they stand. It’s better to be in the know before the worst case scenario happens.

Plan for Movement

Most people are of the mindset “it can’t happen to me,” and maybe, it won’t. It’s still better to be prepared. Assess the skills of your family members now, and do some fine-tuning. If there never is a civil war, your family will still have gotten in some valuable time together developing skills that may be useful at some point in the future. Just make sure you’re in shape and each member has a lightweight bugout bag to fit their needs and skills. Then, you can grab and go as needed.

Back to Basics

These days, not all kids even know that beef comes from anywhere other than the grocery store, much less know how to can, salt or dry meat. Civil war or not, it can’t hurt to learn some basic skills like how to sanitize and filter your own water, take care of a garden, forage for food, and even how to communicate across a distance without using a cell phone.
Then there are other issues, like what to do with human waste, how to get your medication and keep it fresh, and many other things that we take for granted on a daily basis.
A civil war in this country would do exactly what the last one did in some ways. It would pit neighbor against neighbor and brother against brother. The difference between a civil war and a world war is that in one, the country would unite. The other would tear our country apart and find many people dead not by warfare, but by natural selection as resources and skills are depleted. How prepared are you, or do you think it’s something that will never happen?