The Pentagon Floats Money to New Balloon Weapons

The Pentagon Floats Money to New Balloon Weapons

The Pentagon Is About To Unleash New Weapons

( – The Pentagon is currently investing more money into technological advances to keep pace with other nations. Hypersonic missiles are becoming an increasingly significant threat to the US because of their alleged ability to bypass defense systems. Defense experts might have devised a plan to protect against the weapons.

According to POLITICO, the Pentagon is investing in high-altitude balloons. The solar-powered balloons can reach altitudes of 60,000 to 90,000 feet and use algorithms to navigate. The Defense Department could eventually use the balloons to track hypersonic weapons. The Pentagon is increasing spending for the project from roughly $3.8 million over the past two years to $27.1 million in fiscal 2023.

Missile Defense Project Director Tom Karako told POLITICO that balloons are flexible for their maneuverability and ability to carry multiple payloads.

The military’s use of balloon technology isn’t new. The Defense Department has conducted tests on solar-powered drones and high-altitude balloons for years. The Covert Long-Dwell Stratospheric Architecture (COLD STAR) program, revealed in 2019, was designed to use balloons to track drug smugglers. Now, the Pentagon has reportedly confirmed the program has transitioned services but wouldn’t provide more detail because it’s classified.

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