The People’s Revolution – Revolting Against the Elites

The People’s Revolution - Revolting Against the Elites
The People’s Revolution - Revolting Against the Elites

Did anyone know there’s a revolution going on in the western world right now? And no, it’s not about black versus white, rich versus poor, men versus women, or whatever. It’s about average, everyday people who no longer want their countries, governments, businesses, and lives to be ruled and run by the elites of the world—political elites, economic elites, social elites, academic elites, ideological elites, etc.—who, by the very definition of the word “elite,” consider themselves superior to the rest. It’s known as “populism.”
It’s just that simple. While the rumblings of this revolution have been going on for a very long time, they were first felt by Great Britain in June of this year when the British people voted on a referendum to exit the European Union (EU). It not only surprised the EU, it surprised Britain too. In passing the referendum, dubbed “Brexit,” the British were saying no to more EU regulations, no to being part of the wave of global capitalism, no to the threat from third-world immigrants, and no to elite rule in the U.K..
Then, along came Donald Trump. While the situations were different, their root causes were not. The populists were revolting. The outcome for Britain was Brexit. The outcome for America was President-elect Donald Trump. In both situations, folks were fed up with the status quo; fed up with political correctness; and fed up with a ruling elite who no longer had any connection to them.
The populist revolution that brought about Brexit and Trump in the U.K. and America is now sweeping across other western European countries. Like dominoes, it appears there are still more about to fall. The same kind of sentiments that ignited movements in Britain and the U.S. have ignited them throughout western Europe, in Italy — which will be holding elections this weekend — in France, Austria, and maybe even Germany by this time next year.
France’s National Front party’s Marine Le Pen is roughly the equivalent of Donald Trump in France, and she is running on a nationalistic, anti-EU, anti-establishment, anti-Islamist, anti-globalization, anti-third-world immigration platform. Like Trump, she’s not entirely right OR left. The French establishment types are assuming that only the extreme right folks will vote for La Pen—that she won’t get any support from leftists or centrists. But this is the same failed assumption that pundits and pollsters made in predicting a Trump loss in the U.S. on Nov. 8. We all know now how that turned out.
If this revolution was just happening in one place, it wouldn’t be such a big deal. But, it isn’t. It’s happening in democratic countries everywhere. And the elites who either haven’t recognized it or have ignored it, still don’t seem to get it. Even in America, the Democratic party continues to look like a deer in the headlights since Trump got elected. And those Republicans who refused to support Trump as their party’s candidate during the campaign are either hanging out, wide-eyed, with the Democrats, or racing over to Trump Towers with a job application.
Look. It’s time to finally get it, folks. This won’t end with Trump.
To all the elites out there still in their Ambien oblivion, you better wake up. The people are calling. They want their countries back.