The President Speaks to Veterans in New York

The President Speaks to Veterans in New York

President Trump and First Lady Melania Trump left Washington on Monday to appear at the 100th New York City Veterans Day Parade. He’s the first sitting president to ever attend.

Trump has been a supporter of the event for many years. In the early 90s, he was chosen as the grand marshal for the parade after donating $200,000 for the United War Veterans Council.

During the opening remarks, President Trump said:

“The men and women who have donned our nation’s uniforms are the bravest, toughest, strongest and most virtuous warriors ever to walk on Earth. You left your families and fought in faraway lands. You came face-to-face with evil and you did not back down. You returned home from war and you never forgot your friends who didn’t return, including prisoners of war and those missing in action.”

Liberals tried to use the event to protest the president, showing just how little they care about respecting our nation’s veterans. Are we really surprised at this point?

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