The Radical Changes Trump Plans for America

The Radical Changes Trump Plans for America
The Radical Changes Trump Plans for America

First of all, welcome, President Elect Donald Trump! We’ve seen him on TV–snippets of rallies here and there, TV interviews, news coverage, debates, rallies, and now we’ve seen his acceptance speech. While roughly 49% of Americans have largely ignored Trump’s plans and proposals, we are now facing the reality that they will, to some degree, come to fruition. The following points will give you an idea where Trump stands on certain issues, but it’s not nearly a comprehensive view. Keep coming back to learn more through this series!
Below is Part 1 of this series, where we’ll look at Trump’s positions and opinions on: Illegal Immigration, the Drug Epidemic, the Washington Establishment, Making Deals with Congress, Trade Wars, Respect for Law Enforcement, and what he pledges to do on his First Day in Office.
Illegal Immigration
Trump has been unshakable when it comes to the problem of illegal immigration. “We don’t have a country if we don’t have borders,” Trump said. “We will build a wall. It will be a great wall. It will do what it’s supposed to do–keep illegal immigrants out. With that said, we’re going to have a big, beautiful door, right in the middle of that wall. And people are going to come into our country. And they’re going to come in legally. And we want people to come in. And we want to treat them fairly. But we either have a country or we don’t. We have to stop the inflow of illegals coming into our country. It has to stop, and it has to stop now.
After visiting so many cities and towns across the nation that are struggling with the national drug epidemic, people are constantly asking Trump what he will do to improve this situation. “Drugs are pouring in,” Trump said. “I’m going to create borders so no more drugs are coming in. I will solve this problem. They’ll stop coming into our country. And the people that are in trouble, the people who are addicted, we’re going to work with them to try and make them better. And we will make them better.
Washington Establishment
Trump has self-funded much of his campaign. He claims not to owe anybody anything in Washington–not the media, not the special interests, not the lobbies. If he is truly beholden to no one, it would be comforting to know that for once, the President Elect hasn’t been bought by individuals seeking exchanges of favors for money.
Making Deals With Congress
As a man who has made probably hundreds of business deals in his decades as real estate mogul, Trump knows what it takes to bring a variety of people together into agreement. He knows it takes common sense, the ability to size people up, and the knowledge that every person he negotiates with is different and requires a different approach.
International Trade
Some people have said the Trump’s policies on trade will lead to a trade war. But, Trump says, “When you think about it, we’re already in one. We’re losing $500 billion a year to China. We’re losing billions and billions to Japan, Vietnam, India, and Mexico–who is beating us both on the border and in trade.” Too many companies are leaving the U.S. to set up operations in other countries where operational costs are lower. “We’re losing millions of jobs,” Trump said. “We’re losing tens of thousands of manufacturing plants. We’re losing thousands of companies. So we’re going to have to tax the goods coming into the U.S. from those companies that have left, otherwise there’s no incentive whatsoever for a company to stay.
Law Enforcement
Trump believes strongly that the police in America are not respected or appreciated enough. “The fact is, they do an incredible job,” Trump said. “We have to give them more authority and we have to give them far more respect. Without the great police forces we have throughout the United States, we wouldn’t have the lives that we have. We have to appreciate and respect our police.
First Day in Office
Trump knows that during the Obama administration, there were a lot of bad executive orders issued. He plans to turn much of that around on his first day in office. “The good thing about an executive order signed by our president is that it can be unsigned immediately. You don’t have to go through Congress.” So Trump said on his first day in office he would focus on “un-signing” executive orders that weaken the Second Amendment as well and those that weaken immigration reform.