The Reason to Stop Wearing Shoes in Your House…

The Reason to Stop Wearing Shoes in Your House...
The Reason to Stop Wearing Shoes in Your House...

Many people spend countless of hours every week making sure their home is neat and clean. The term “spring cleaning” is used metaphorically for any kind of heavy duty cleaning or organizing enterprise. But, no matter how much you clean, you will never get rid of all the dirt, germs, or bacteria because of this one clothing item that helps spread millions of filthy organisms on your carpet.
The shoe changed the way modern civilizations explored the world. It allowed traveling to become more tolerable and less dangerous. As time passed, shoes gave us an indication of our professions, a sense of style, even levels of income. One indicator many do not think about or consider is how everyday use of shoes can put you at risk for serious health issues.
A couple of years ago, Good Morning America tested several people’s shoes and the bottom of a dog’s foot and the results were astonishing. The bottom of one person’s shoe had over 60 million organisms on it! Some of these organisms found were capable of causing serious infections or illness. Walking all over your house in your shoes is spreading harmful organisms and bacteria that can make everyone in your family very sick, especially children who probably play on the floor all the time.
Don’t wear shoes indoors

Here are couple of suggestions to keep your floors and carpet clean and limit the spread of harmful organisms and bacteria in your home:

  • Don’t wear any shoes in the house
  • Use a plastic tub or mat to put shoes in outside your front door (this will help trap dirt and water in the tub and limit the spread of harmful bacteria)
  • Take your shoes off and carry them to your closet if you don’t want to keep them by the door

It doesn’t take a lot of time to take your shoes off. Not only will this prevent further spread of germs and bacteria but it will keep your carpet clean and free from additional wear and tear. For a healthier and cleaner home, have everyone practice not wearing shoes in the home.