The Security Problem With Your Front Door

The Security Problem With Your Front Door
The Security Problem With Your Front Door

It’s the end of a long day and you’re headed to bed. You lock the doors, secure in the knowledge that your home is safe for the night. Even if you locked the deadbolt, you’re not as secure as you think.

“One solid kick and the two ½” screws holding in your strike plate and the lock housing splinter giving easy access for an intruder.”

The strike plate is secured to the door-frame with two very short screws. So short in fact that they don’t usually get beyond the door frame. Replace those two screws with longer ones, say about 2-3 inch screws and your strike plate is now attached to the frame of the house rather than the door frame, making one swift quick much more painful to the intruder than to you or your home.

Stop The Credit Card Trick

A kick isn’t the only way to the get in the door. A credit card, flat screwdriver, or any other thin material can open your door when it’s slid between the strike plate and the door. A small sheet of brass over this area prevents anything from getting through and it adds a touch of elegance to your home.

Stop a Very Determined Intruder With One Last Swap

It’s time to address the hinges. It might seem unlikely, but if some jackass wants in your home bad enough, taking the pins out of your hinges is a quick and quiet way to get there. You don’t have to change the hinges though. Instead, install security studs for hinges. They replace two back-to-back screws in your hinges and go unnoticed with regular use. However, if someone removes a pin from a hinge and tries to pull the door off, these studs lock the door in place. Google: Security stud for hinge. Don’t buy entirely new hinges, it isn’t necessary. Just 1 stud does the trick. Here’s a shortcut link to an example:
None of these changes require any more than two screws (or security studs). They each take about 5 minutes to implement, and require no skill at all. Just you and a Phillips screwdriver, making your home more secure.