The Truth About Trump’s Health Report

The Truth About Trump's Health Report
The Truth About Trump's Health Report

White House physician Dr. Ronny L. Jackson examined the President this Tuesday, pronouncing him cognitively fit and in full possession of his faculties. “I’ve found no reason whatsoever to think the president has any issues whatsoever with his thought processes,” he stated, squashing rumors that Trump may be declining or suffering from mental illnesses and/or early dementia. Jackson, who is also a rear admiral with the American navy, does not believe that the President has any physical or neurological illnesses which would prevent him from making sound decisions in the line of duty.

Key Facts

• Trump’s strongest detractors have persistently linked his highly volatile Twitter posts and refusal to follow PR protocol as evidence of neurological deficit. But Trump’s supports claim his actions are simply a product of his refusal to “keep up appearances;” instead, he focuses on getting the job done.
• The doctor also said that the President himself requested the examination, not his detractors. However, the move has fortuitous timing; it comes just a few short weeks after the press found comments questioning the POTUS’s fitness in “Fire and Fury,” a book by Michael Wolff.
• Jackson also commended Trump on his sound cardiac health, suggesting that the President’s heart and cardiovascular system was in excellent shape. Jackson suggested that his good health stems from the fact that Trump does not drink nor smoke.
• The one examination area Trump failed to do well on was weight; Jackson claims he is too sedentary and overweight at 239 lbs. At an official 6’3” tall, the President is just on the borderline of being officially obese. He also suffers from high cholesterol, despite the fact that he’s prescribed Crestor to reduce it. In other words, he is in about the same condition as many men over 40 who work primarily from desk.
• To judge his mental fitness, Jackson relied on the Montreal Cognitive Assessment, a test often used to identify cognitive decline in patients at many American hospitals. The test verifies attention and concentration, executive functions, memory, and language ability. Trump scored a perfect 30 out of 30.
• Some neuropsychologists are calling the results surface-level, suggesting that the Montreal Cognitive Assessment just isn’t in-depth enough to identify serious concerns. This includes Dr. Bandy Lee, who penned the book, “The Dangerous Case of Donald Trump.” Detractors believe it may be impossible to judge his fitness without further investigation, but Jackson claims to have monitored Trump for most of his year in office on a daily basis. He still believes the President to be mentally fit.

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Did you have any concerns about the president’s health? Do you think his health is any different than most men his age?