The War on Fake News Just Got Very Real

Facebook and Google Slammed for Election Influence
Facebook and Google Slammed for Election Influence

The liberal controlled mainstream media now contends that what it considers “fake news sites” were able to have a material impact on the elections.
Before the 2016 presidential election, BuzzFeed reported that there were individuals In Macedonia creating fake news sites with false and misleading “news” about Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton. These articles were then shared on Facebook in the hundreds of thousands. From Facebook, users were linked back to the Macedonian websites, where site owners were able to make huge sums of money on clicks on ads served by Facebook and Google Adsense.
It was a convoluted scheme, but it worked. There is an entire population of young men in Macedonia who make thousands of dollars a week running these fake news sites. Now Facebook, Google, and even Twitter are taking heat for influencing the elections in favor of Republican presidential-elect, Donald Trump.
To combat these websites that do nothing but disseminate whatever gets the clicks, Facebook and Google are using a weapon that most of these shady site owners will understand—money. While they won’t be monitoring content, according to Fortune Magazine, Google is working on a policy change to prevent websites that misrepresent content from using its Adsense advertising network, while Facebook updated its advertising policies to spell out that its ban on deceptive and misleading content applies to fake news as well.
The problem is—who is to say what news is real and fake? What will assure that fake news site policies won’t transcend sources that are truly fake and be enforced on sites where the information is valid but simply imparts opposing views from the policy makers? The insidious implications of such censorship power are beyond frightening and pose a significant threat to our country.
If the mainstream media has its way, the alternative news sources many of us rely on for differing views, would be deemed fake. This list published by the L.A. Times suggests that numerous highly respected alternative news sites are indeed fake news whereas the mainstream media should be considered real news.

Do You Think This News is Real or Fake?

If we took the mainstream media literally, we should all have elected Clinton. We should now all jump into what appears to be a media-fueled race war and encourage our children to protest the majority. We should call people names, destroy the property and reputation of anyone who doesn’t agree with us, and blame everyone but ourselves. We should also accept whatever we hear from any major media outlet as 100% true and correct without questioning the source.
All the social media sites right now understand what a slippery slope this is. Facebook, Google, and Twitter have no interest in policing hateful, misleading websites, in particular because it would create a First Amendment hornets nest. Nor would it even be possible with the amount of manpower required for such an undertaking. Just imagine the army it would take to monitor every single piece of content on Facebook!
What’s the real solution? Take matters into your own hands. America has gone far beyond the point where any corporation or government entity can be trusted to have your best interests in mind, so Americans have to do a little more work to ensure that their interests are served.
You decide what is fake news. Watch them, read them, research them, and be highly skeptical of all of them. Take them all with a grain of salt.
The mainstream media is the number one worst offender known to disseminate extreme biased left-leaning and even 100% fake news stories, so basically there’s no 100% trustworthy source of news. Dig for the truth folks. Form your own opinions based on multiple sources and many differing views. Use your own common sense. That’s American. That’s real news.