There Is Little Standing in the Way of Biden’s Spending Spree

There Is Little Standing in the Way of Biden's Spending Spree

( – It’s amazing how quickly political tides can rise and fall. In times past, Americans were concerned about government spending and the fast pace of its growth. Enter the COVID-19 pandemic, and those concerns are being thrown out the window. Over the last year, Congress and the federal reserve spent nearly $10 trillion with the pandemic as cover.

The political environment is ripe for Joe Biden to continue the spending spree. However, decades ago, he was a very different politician, and voters expressed very different concerns. It’s worth considering, what was the one thing Democratic Presidents Jimmy Carter, Bill Clinton, and Barack Obama had in common? While each had ambitious plans, the political environment capped their abilities to spend wildly. Today, virtually nothing stands in Biden’s way of massive spending sprees.

History Is No Indication of Future Results

During the 2020 general election, Biden campaigned on his past moderation. He tried to assure voters that he was the same old moderate he was forty years ago. However, a little digging by the media would reveal a very different narrative. Forty years ago, Biden voted for the Reagan tax cuts that the former president would use to declare the end of big government.

In the 1990s, Biden talked openly about reducing Social Security and Medicare to save taxpayer dollars. He even advocated for a balanced budget amendment to the US Constitution.

However, the Biden of thirty and forty years ago is not the same Biden today. He moved from supporting Reagan’s conservative agenda to embracing the wild expansion of government like what was seen under President Franklin D. Roosevelt. Since taking office a little more than three months ago, Biden pushed for and signed the $1.9 trillion COVID-19 relief package that offered little relief and a lot of pork spending. He’s now advocating for a $2 trillion infrastructure package that is more social and climate engineering than building roads, bridges, and airports. His plan, The American Jobs Plan, if enacted into law, could cost trillions more in new spending over the next ten years.

Just think about this… It took 205 years for the federal government to accumulate $1 trillion in debt. Biden spent $2 trillion in one package and could spend over $5 trillion total by the end of the summer.

How is he getting away with it?

There Are No Public Constraints

In 1975, then-candidate for president Jimmy Carter ran on spending as little money as possible. The US economy was headed for a deep recession. As president, Carter vetoed infrastructure bills that Biden and Congress now want. Former President Clinton cut deals with the GOP to reduce the welfare state and declared that the “era of big government is over.” Even former President Obama scaled back his 2009 stimulus bill over concerns the public wouldn’t accept anything larger than the former president was proposing.

In each instance, Democratic presidents either faced a Congress unwilling to spend large sums of money or a public skeptical of government debt and expansion into their lives.

Those days appear to be over for both.

As millions continue to face unemployment due to governor-induced shutdowns or state economic restrictions, people rightly have been bailed out by the federal government with stimulus checks. However, that comes with other consequences as Democrats use COVID-19 as a stealth tool to justify transforming America’s economic future and government growth into everyday lives.

If the people aren’t willing to constrain the government, the government certainly will not constrain itself. In the past, Democrats were the tax and spend party. Today, they are the spend then tax party.

How long will the public allow the spending spree to go on before they hold someone accountable for lack of constraint? Who knows. But one thing is certain: When it happens, it will be trillions of dollars too late unless the public wakes up to what’s going on right now.

The real question is, how does the wild spending create more opportunities for Americans, empower them to fulfill their dreams or offer hope of a brighter tomorrow? Let us know if you figure it out.

Don Purdum, Independent Political Analyst

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