These 10 States Are the Most Stressed Out

These 10 States Are the Most Stressed Out
These 10 States Are the Most Stressed Out

Does the Left have you stressed out? Well, you’re in good company – most of us find their shenanigans stressful. It’s exhausting to listen to their mental gymnastics and endless complaints about everything from finances to frugal living.
Which leads us into the point of today’s post: is it possible the Left’s influence might be making the country more stressed-out than it has to be? recently posted an overview of an in-depth study by real estate blog Movoto. Each of the states listed set of alarm bells for one specific reason: they’re all states where the alt-left is causing significant harm in one way or another.
Check out this list:

  • Florida (Conservative)
  • Georgia (Conservative)
  • New Jersey (Even Split)
  • California (Liberal)
  • Nevada (Conservative)
  • Illinois (Conservative)
  • New York (Liberal)
  • Maryland (Liberal)
  • North Carolina (Conservative)
  • Arizona (Conservative)

Movato’s study ranked states based on unemployment rates, population density, how many held health insurance, total cost of living, and how many hours people worked per week to “survive.” These are all traditionally “left” hot-button topic zones.
(And the Left, of course, wants to tax everyone through the roof and hand out cash like candy in the form of a basic income)
Even though most of the states listed are conservative, we believe it may be the Left actually causing the kind of conditions needed to cause stress. Granted, that’s a bit of an oversimplification, but think about it with these facts in mind.

  • Pressure from the Left often acts like a match to a powder keg. They create unrealistic expectations that lead people to seek out unrealistic situations; when it doesn’t work out, stress is a natural consequence. So even though several of these states are Conservative, they still suffer from the Left’s influence.
  • Over in California, the Left has pushed for sanctuary city protection and looser border regulation to, you know, respect the poor people trying to violently force their way into our country. People are terrified that the person living next door may actually be a member of MS13… or even ISIS. The Left doesn’t want us to ask questions anymore or protect ourselves. Instead, we’re forced to live in fear and feel the stress of being judged for wanting to protect Americans.
  • In other states – including Washington, D.C., which isn’t on this list – the Left has become so much of a problem they’re frightening children. We can’t imagine how Tucker Carlson’s kids felt when Antifa showed up at their door in the middle of the night to call their father a racist.
  • The Left largely believes in hand-holding and treating everyone with kid gloves. That isn’t always helpful; it forces people to become dependent on the system and saps motivation. People come to expect those welfare payments and food stamps, so some never even try to better themselves or heal from illness. Maybe the unemployment rate would rise if we started finding ways to help people help themselves instead.
  • As for total hours worked? That’s another foolish Left-leaning ideology. Just ask anyone living on a farm. You get up and get to work at dawn, and if you’re lucky, you’re done by sundown… a full 12 hours every day except for maybe Sunday. Hard work and good work ethic make strong, independent people who are better able to survive. Encouraging people to work 20-hour weeks just leaves them sitting around broke and with too much free time.

We can’t definitively prove the Left’s presence causes states to be more stressed out, but there’s certainly enough evidence to support their influence. After all, 50 or 80 years ago no one was complaining about working too much or being offended by Joe Blow down the street. We were too busy surviving World War II, putting food on the table and raising properly-disciplined children.