This is Likely to Happen if Donald Trump Wins the Republican Primary

No one likes to be played by the media, but that’s exactly what’s happening in the upcoming 2016 presidential election. As much as we like to think that the media is not biased, let’s face it…they are. The media loves Donald Trump because he generates extremely high ratings and therefore huge profits for news outlets. They will not cover anything bad about Trump for fear of knocking him out early in the race. The media wants Trump to win the primary because he will continue to generate high ratings and huge profits.
But here’s where the honeymoon stops. According to savvy conservatives, if Trump gets the nomination, the media will continue to print neutral coverage until such time they are ready to trounce on him. They will hit Trump with all they have causing him to lose a great deal of his support, making it easy for Hillary to slide into the presidency. With all the election excitement and Trump distractions, we tend to forget that the media is biased toward the democrats. It will do whatever it takes to help Hillary win the presidency.
Of course, this all assumes that Hillary will not be knocked out of the race due to her email scandal. If that happens, the strategy to destroy Trump will be the same if Joe Biden steps in to save the democrats.
So, the media is in control again and we are being played like a fiddle. Trump’s base is strong, but will it be strong enough to overcome what the democrats and the media are holding back. Why do you think we have not heard any significant negative news about Trump? Again, the media wants him to win the primary for all the above reasons. Then, and only then, will they unload on Trump, thus helping Hillary Clinton or Joe Biden, who can sit back and enjoy the show.
The day this happens will be a sad commentary on America. We have a candidate saying all the right things, exposing the establishment, and willing to take on both republicans and democrats. After it’s all said and done, we could end up with more of the same where politicians continue to ignore the will of the people. Worse yet, as they continue to ignore the people and the Constitution, the country will slide further to the left until it’s too late.
William James Durant, a Pulitzer Prize winning historian (1885-1981), studied all the great civilizations from the past and came to this conclusion: “A great civilization is not conquered from without until it has first destroyed itself from within.”  
Think about the United States and the direction it’s headed under the current political regime and the media bias.