THIS is More Dangerous than ANY Gun

THIS is More Dangerous Than Any Gun

Two of this month’s mass shootings have dominated the headlines and narratives of mainstream media all week. The Left claims there’s not enough gun control while the Right says there are not enough guns in the hands of citizens.

So what’s the truth? Are guns responsible for violence in America, or is it the people who use them to commit terrible acts of evil who must be stopped?

Killings by Rifles are Lower than Sharp Objects and Fists

Here’s something that might surprise you: the FBI expanded homicide data proves that guns aren’t the most dangerous weapon. As one of our clever readers rightly pointed out, there are fewer homicides listed under the Bureau’s “rifles” and “shotguns” category than there are listed under “sharp objects” and “personal weapons” (meaning hands and feet).

Yes, you read that right — criminals are far more likely to use a knife to kill you, or even kick you to death, rather than shooting you. Both of these categories separately account for more deaths than both rifles and shotguns combined.

Notice you don’t hear anyone banding together to ban kitchen knives, hands, or feet? I wonder why that is?

What About Handguns?

Setting aside sharp objects and personal weapons for a second, what about differences within guns? Is there any evidence that certain guns are more dangerous than others?

Mass shootings cannot be attributed to the widespread availability of assault rifles despite the media’s attempts to blame everything on them. The FBI’s data shows that pistols and other handguns were associated with a total of 7,105 violent crimes. Rifles, on the other hand (including assault rifles), were only associated with 374 incidents in total.

Those are some pretty clear statistics — and they definitely bust the myth that the prevalence and availability of high-powered rifles (such as the AR-15) are to blame for America’s violence issue.

But it isn’t the narrative MSM wants you to believe, either. CNN and NBC keep talking about how firearms cause mass shootings to push their anti-gun legislation. It’s really criminals and gangsters who account for a notable amount of gun-related deaths, especially in cities like Chicago and Los Angeles.

Chicago Shootings Overlooked in Light of El Paso and Dayton

Another demonstration of MSM’s bias how almost no one reported on one of Chicago’s worst shooting sprees to date. Everyone is so focused on turning El Paso and Dayton into “proof” that stricter gun control laws are required. Chicago was left off the agenda because the city has some of the most restrictive firearm laws in the country.

In fact, comparing Chicago to Houston reveals that more gun control correlates with more gun homicides. Chicago has nearly double the rate of homicides than Houston, and a much larger gang-related homicide problem. Houston is an open-carry city, while Chicago rivals California’s draconian gun legislation.

Gun control doesn’t seem to be working for Chicago, now, does it? Could that maybe be a result of the fact that criminals don’t generally follow the law… or that fewer people actually carry with a license? Limiting someone’s ability to defend themselves in the presence of extremely high homicide rates seems, well, slightly self-defeating, to say the least.

Mass shooters are mentally deranged and extremely troubled individuals, but they aren’t the cause of most gun homicides. The data shows that greater access to guns doesn’t necessarily cause more violence; it just gives people a greater ability to defend themselves.

What you believe about gun control is really up to you — just be cautious of what you read online and hear on television. There’s a lot of misinformation out there, some of which is specifically circulated to throw you off track in hopes that you’ll help fulfill the Liberal anti-gun agenda. Don’t let MSM’s anti-gun agenda fool you for a second.

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