[This Is Serious] Trump Just Changed His View On Syria

Trump Hatches Secret Plan Over Chemical Warfare on Syrian Children

There’s trouble brewing in the world, and President Trump is speaking out about it. A recent devastating gas attack in Syria “crossed the line” according to the POTUS.
“When you kill innocent children, innocent babies, with a chemical gas that is so lethal people were shocked to hear what it was, that crosses many, many lines.”

Trump continued, calling out President Assad. “My opinion, President Assad has changed.”

The attack took place in Syria on Tuesday in the northern rebel-held zone of Khan Sheikhoun. Official death counts immediately began to rise with numbers reaching as high as 100 just 24 short hours ago. Dozens of others were seriously injured and continue to suffer under the care of local field hospitals.
Medical professionals believe that attackers utilized a chemical nerve gas called sarin, long banned for its toxicity to human life. Sarin is colorless and odorless, and produces an almost immediate and severely painful reaction that causes convulsions, respiratory failure, and asphyxiation. It is more deadly than cyanide and has a history that dates back to WWII, when Nazi Germany used it against attacking forces.
Only two drugs, atropine and pralidoxime, can halt the fatal side effects of sarin, but both must be administered quickly in order to be effective. If treatment is delayed by just a few minutes, the mortality rate skyrockets and death becomes little more than an inevitability.
Though Trump has spoken out against Assad and the gas attack, he has yet to remark on what action the United States will take. In an interview posted to CNN, he insinuated that it wasn’t that he didn’t have a plan, but rather that he preferred to keep the details of the plan secret for the present time.
Others are calling him out for doing little more than blaming Assad and refusing to attack the problem head-on. They don’t seem to understand that sharing any type of strategy isn’t the smartest choice if you want it to be successful.
Trump also didn’t respond to criticism from Vladimir Putin and the Russian government, who have both spoken out against Assad in relation to the gas attack. Russia claims that the attack occurred on the orders of the Syrian government itself.
Despite the fact that Russia has challenged Trump to reveal his plan, the president continues to refuse to give foreign leaders information about what may or may not occur in response. It remains to be seen exactly what direction or action, if any, President Trump will take. And thought it may be frustrating to not know all the details, it’s refreshing to know that the president isn’t leaving any plans open to our enemies — known or unknown.