This Is Why COVID Numbers Can’t Be Trusted…

This Is Why COVID Numbers Can't Be Trusted...

( – Florida released a new report this week of the state’s coronavirus cases. But it turns out their numbers were bogus.

Orlando’s Fox 35 conducted an investigation into the data. They found many of the Florida labs were reporting 100% or near 100% positivity rates. There’s simply no possible way that could be true. Every single person they’re testing is not turning up positive.

To check the figures, Fox 35 contacted every lab listed in the state’s report, and they found some major errors. For example, Orlando Health reported a 98% positivity rate, but the real rate was 9.4%.

Even the VA was involved in false reporting. The data released by Florida said the positivity rate was 76% for Orlando Veterans Affairs Medical Center. The actual number: 6%.

One problem with Florida’s numbers is that they don’t reflect any of the state’s negative tests. So why is that? Is it an innocent mistake? Incompetence? Or is it something more sinister? Could the labs be purposefully trying to make COVID appear worse?

For their part, Florida’s Department of Health now says they plan on working with all of the labs to teach them proper protocols for test result reporting.

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