This Mayor Doesn’t Know What Patriots Are

This Mayor Doesn't Know What Patriots Are

( – Seattle is experiencing a shocking occupation by domestic terrorists who have quarantined six blocks of downtown Seattle. In something that feels like a Batman movie, the occupiers constructed barriers, pushed police out of the precinct, and now control what they call the “Capitol Hill Autonomous Zone.” After questions about how all of this was allowed to happen, Mayor Jenny Durkan and Police Chief Carmen Best offered different answers.

The mayor sympathized with the occupiers after President Trump demanded the city take back the streets from the “ugly Anarchists.” She naively and wrongly claimed “protestors” were protesting peacefully and that Trump was wrong for calling them, domestic terrorists. Doubling down, the mayor empowered the occupation and said they were “lawfully gathering” to demand racial equality, and their actions were not terrorism — it was “patriotism.”

However, the police chief had a very different take. Best said emotionally and unequivocally that it wasn’t her decision to leave the precinct and its people unprotected. She praised the officers who were in a hostile environment and expressed dismay at what occurred saying that they had done what she asked them to do but that “…ultimately city officials had other plans for the building…” and that they “relented to severe public pressure.”

Stay tuned for more news on the evolving situation.

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