This Site Calculates Your Toilet Paper Supply

This Site Calculates Your Toilet Paper Supply

( – The coronavirus pandemic has raised a lot of questions over the past few months but none has been more absurd than: Do I have enough toilet paper to last me through this crisis?

As crazy as it may seem, suppliers around the world can’t keep up with local demand as people stampede their way through store aisles panic buying up as much toilet paper as they possibly can. 

Most of the fear and panic comes as local, state, and federal authorities are asking folks to stay home to help stop the spread of this deadly disease. And for some people, it seems the thought of running out of toilet paper during a mandatory quarantine is just too overwhelming. 

Recently, a video of a Florida couple buying up all the toilet paper in the store was shared on the internet. This is happening in stores all across the world as people fear for the worst.

To help stop the “toilet paper madness of 2020,” a London-based student and software developer, Ben Sassoon, and artist Sam Harris created the site to help calculate how long your current stash of toilet paper will last and how much toilet paper you’ll actually need to endure a mandated quarantine.

The site says it’s also making a plea for people to stop panic buying saying, 

“Not everyone is able to get to a store and stock up on toilet roll. 

Don’t be selfish.”

It’s never been a more important time for human beings to remain united as the nation struggles in a time of crisis. Buying up more than your fair share of essential supplies is wrong and plain selfish. 

Be kind, be caring, and remember…we’re all in this together. 

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