Threat: Iran Sending Elite Fighters to Infiltrate US and Europe

Threat: Iran Sending Elite Fighters to Infiltrate US and Europe
Threat: Iran Sending Elite Fighters to Infiltrate US and Europe

The Iranian Revolutionary Guards Corps (IRGC), Iran’s military force, just announced they are sending elite fighters to infiltrate the United States and Europe at the direction of Iran’s Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei. This was a message delivered by Salar Abnoush, deputy coordinator of Iran’s Khatam-al-Anbia Garrison, in Farsi-language that was followed by the statement:
The whole world should know that the IRGC will be in the U.S. and Europe very soon
It’s important to note that the US under Obama lifted sanctions against the Islamic Republic, and were paid a whopping $1.7 billion in cash in what appears to be a secret trade for the release of 4 Americans. Iran now accuses the U.S. of violating the agreement by not helping them gain further access to international banks and other markets. It is now believed that the US cash is funding the development of Iran’s military including spending billions on US-made aircraft for its air force and missile programs.
Abnoush went on to say; “The IRGC is [the] strong guardian of the Islamic Republic, The Fedayeen of Velayat [fighting force] are under the order of Iran’s Supreme leader. Defending and protecting the Velayat [the Supreme Leader] has no border and limit.
Despite the fact that they have fared well with generous sanction deals, cash payouts, pay for play, and lifting of the nuclear embargo, it is little surprise that Iran isn’t satisfied and is still making trouble around the world. The sanction deal was highly criticized and controversial, with opponents only pointing out that it would make the country stronger and nuclear capable. This highly unfortunate and threatening move has shown, yet again, that deals and cash payments didn’t bridge the diplomacy gap with Iran.
“If we look at Iran’s previous terror attacks and assassination campaign around the world, such a statement is alarming,” Saeed Ghasseminejad, an Iran expert at the Foundation for Defense of Democracies.” (Quote from: Free Beacon)
So, what will this mean for the US? Will Obama take the threat seriously or leave the door open for the “elite fighters” who intend to “thwart” the US as their enemy?
This situation will likely result in another radical increase in gun and ammo sales in the US, clearing shelves of any available inventory as it has several times during the past six years under Obama. Popular Supplies have been rationed at double and triple digit prices and metered out in small quantities when available. Ammo received by Walmart and others retailers and wholesalers was typically depleted within hours of store shelves being stocked. Firearms and ammunition manufacturers stepped it up, restocked and prices somewhat normalized. But after this news, Americans are likely to make another big surge at arming themselves, prices will surely skyrocket and the demand will overtake the supply. Those who don’t act soon may find themselves with very limited options. Thanks Obama.
Keep your head on a swivel and be safe folks! These are interesting times we are living in.