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United Voice Quick News
United Voice Quick News

New Security Device can Mean the End of Long Airport Lines
Let’s hope the airline industry isn’t playing with our travel emotions…

Executives say this machine can check more than 600 bags an hour and automatically spot concealed weapons or explosives. The machine is said to help decrease the amount of time travelers spend waiting on TSA to get it right. (Just kidding TSA. You’re work is appreciated).

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Was Trump Right About Terrorists Hiding Within Syrian Refugees? Watch This Chilling Report.
Donald Trump says a lot of things but he might have had this one right…

Many have speculated that terrorists may be hiding within the surge of refugees entering Europe, but none have been more vocal about it than Donald Trump. A chilling internal French police report has revealed that as many as 90 ‘kamikazes’ may be roaming the Country.

The report also states how terrorists are mastering encryption and bomb-making techniques to help them achieve their aims.This report comes days before Tuesday’s terrorist attack that left more than 34 dead and over 180 injured in Brussels.

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Bill Clinton Says Last Eight Years Have Been an Awful Legacy
Did Bill Clinton just diss his own wife? A little “foot-in-mouth” action from Bill…

Former President Bill Clinton slammed what he called the “awful legacy of the last eight years” during a campaign appearance for his wife, Democratic front-runner Hillary Clinton, in Washington state Monday. He stated he was talking about Republicans but the last we checked, the Obama Administration has “lead” the country and Hillary Clinton was a part of it during the past 7 years.

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Report: Mexican Consulates in US Holding Citizenship Clinics
Mexico is doing their part to keep Trump from becoming president…

Mexico is doing everything it can to keep Donald Trump from building a wall. The Mexican consulate is holding citizenship clinics in hopes of speeding up the process to have people who are on permanent residence status, become American citizens so they can vote against Trump. It may sound crazy but it’s really happening.

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