Today’s News 3-24-16

5 ‘healthy’ habits to avoid

Are you hurting your fitness goals by being too healthy? Some commonly accepted “healthy” habits are actually not the best diet strategies to follow. There’s so much information when it comes to dieting that it makes it difficult to choose one that’s right for you. Take a look at these popular dieting habits and make the necessary changes to a better and healthier you. Read more >>

The “Facebook” for travelers

These travel social networks will help you decide if that vacation destination is worth reaching. Have you ever wanted to go on vacation somewhere but you weren’t sure if the time and money would be worth it? Well, here are some travel social networks that allow you to get answers to the questions travel agencies won’t tell you. Get the latest scoop from people who have already made the trip. Read more >>

Trump says Muslims not doing enough to prevent attacks

Do you think people in Muslim communities report suspicious criminal activity to law enforcement? Donald Trump said Muslims were not helping to prevent attacks such as those that killed at least 30 people in Belgium, drawing a rebuke from Britain’s government and from Muslim groups in the country. Read more >>

Flight attendant arrested after fleeing LAX, leaving cocaine and shoes behind

You can run, but you can’t hide! A JetBlue flight attendant who allegedly fled Los Angeles International Airport after being selected for security screening, leaving behind her Gucci shoes and luggage containing dozens of pounds of cocaine, was in custody Wednesday. Read more >>

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