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United Voice Quick News

Lin-Manuel Miranda ending his freestyle rap with President Obama

“The mic drops” – Lin-Manuel Miranda ending his freestyle rap with President Obama In the Rose Garden. Watch amazing freestyle rap that has the country “rapping” about.

Lin-Manuel Miranda (Hamilton star and writer) took the cast down to Washington D.C. for a special White House performance on Monday, but like the founding father, he went above and beyond expectations during the visit.

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Obama nominates Merrick Garland to Supreme Court, sets up Senate showdown

And the battle for SCOTUS begins…

President Obama named federal appeals judge Merrick Garland on Wednesday as his pick to succeed Antonin Scalia on the U.S. Supreme Court. Republicans will certainly voice their opinions on the matter and do whatever it takes to block the nomination.

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Trump still not doing well enough to guarantee nomination

Even though “the Trump” is ahead of all other Republican presidential nominees, he still has not secured the nomination for POTUS.

It’s very clear that Donald Trump is well on his way to securing the Republican nomination for president headed into the national convention coming up in July. Even though he had four solid wins on Tuesday, the frontrunner still must do better. His rival’s are hoping to put an end to his presidential race by forcing a contested convention but that outcome could prove costly for all Republicans.

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Subway’s Jared Fogle reportedly beaten up in prison

Former sandwich spokesman for Subway, Jared Fogle, got a little dose of “prison love” by a fellow inmate.

Jared is serving a 16-year sentence in Colorado’s Englewood FCI for child pornography.

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North Korea sentences US tourist to 15 years in prison

Looks like “Lil Kim’s” Regime is at it again…

North Korea’s highest court sentenced an American tourist to 15 years in prison with hard labor for subversion on Wednesday, weeks after authorities presented him to media and he tearfully confessed that he had tried to steal a propaganda banner.

Otto Warmbier, 21, a University of Virginia undergraduate, was convicted and sentenced in a one-hour trial in North Korea’s Supreme Court.

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Why you shouldn’t drive slowly in the left lane

Here’s an excuse to drive fast!

There are basically two types of drivers: those who get worked up about people driving slowly in the left lane, and those who do it all the time and have no idea they’re upsetting everyone else.

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