Top 2 Ways International Standing Has Improved With Trump

Top 2 Ways International Standing Has Improved With Trump

( – President Donald Trump has accomplished many things during his time in office. For example, he’s cut taxes, made immigration reforms, and cut dozens of regulations. However, his foreign policy achievements are the most impressive.

Here are the top two ways Trump has improved America’s standing on the international stage:

  1. Trump has forged a relationship with North Korean leader Kim Jong-un and the two have had multiple discussions about a nuclear agreement. The commander-in-chief’s willingness to reach out to adversaries to forge peace is admirable.
  2. Speaking of peace, the president has brokered multiple agreements between Israel and nations that previously refused to recognize the Jewish State. His hard work has made millions of people in the region hopeful about the future.

Unlike previous presidents, Trump has been willing to put his ego aside and do the hard work. He’s ignored insults and disrespect, kept his head down and continued making America great again, including on the world stage.

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