Top Biden Official’s Home Targeted

Top Biden Official's Home Targeted

( – When Joe Biden ran for president, he promised Liberals he would dismantle then-President Donald Trump’s immigration policies. Although he has reversed many of the steps the 45th POTUS took to keep Americans safe, he kept some in place. Progressives recently targeted one of his officials at their home to demand change.

On September 27, leftist activists protested outside of DHS Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas’ home. The pro-immigration activists erected a 30-foot sign in front of his house that said, “BIDEN PRESIDENCY TRUMP POLICY #KEEPYOURPROMISES.”

The activists accused the president of “doubling down on Trump’s policies.” While the protesters were outside, they confronted Tanya Mayorkas, the secretary’s wife. According to a Twitter post, his wife was not happy about the activists showing up at her home to protest her husband. The protesters were unapologetic, saying families on the border are being torn apart.

It’s unclear what more the protesters want Biden to do. His immigration policies have led to a massive rise in migrants crossing the border illegally. There are thousands of immigrants currently camping under a bridge in Del Rio, Texas. What more could Liberals possibly want? No borders at all?

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