Top Biden Pick for DOJ Faces Extreme Questioning

Top Biden Pick For DOJ Faces Extreme Questioning

( – After President Biden’s choice for US Attorney General faced Republican opposition in the Senate last week, another of his Justice Department picks is also getting a rough ride. Biden wants to appoint a controversial civil rights lawyer as number three in the department; GOP senators aren’t sure it’s such a great idea.

Joe Biden says he wants to bring America back together after the often vicious partisanship of the last four years – but he also wants Vanita Gupta to be the Associate US Attorney General, and she’s as viciously partisan as far-left lawyers come. Last year Gupta called the confirmation of Justice Amy Coney Barrett “illegitimate,” and she’s also been a harsh critic of Justice Brett Kavanaugh.

On top of that she’s advocated for several extreme left causes, including defunding the police and decriminalizing all drugs. Now she’s trying to row back on some of her wilder statements, but GOP senators are pushing hard in confirmation hearings.

On March 9 Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX) called Gupta out after she told Senator Dick Durbin (D-IL) she doesn’t support defunding cops. The problem is last year she did support it – and she even wrote to the Senate calling for cuts in “the footprint of the police and criminal legal system.” Now Biden wants to give her a job near the top of that legal system, unless Dem senators swallow their pride and vote to stop him.

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