Top Gifts for Mother's Day

Top Gifts for Mother's Day

She kissed your boo-boos, scolded you when you misbehaved, made it through your toughest years… and all while loving you unconditionally. Mothers around the world deserve something special to recognize their efforts. Now the question is, what can you give her that she doesn’t already have and that will be special enough to make your appreciation clear?


Jewelry is always a great choice for most women. But, you want something special to signify her importance as a mom. A Mother’s ring with all the birthstones of all her children in it is a great choice. But, if she already has one, you might consider something similar in the form of a broach or pendant.


Thinking of giving your mother a bouquet of flowers? If so, why not make it more memorable? Have the bouquet sent to her at work if she has to work on Mother’s Day. Send a special gift along, too. You might even opt for a plant or flowers that she can plant in her garden. Even better still, spend the day helping her plant the flowers.


If your mother collects something, buy her an item that goes with her collection, but stands out as being from you. For instance, if she collects teddy bears, find one that has a heart with the word “Mom” on it or something similar. You can also build or make her a shelf or cabinet for her collection.

Homemade Items

No mother would refuse or lack appreciation for a homemade item. She loved them when you were small and scribbled your cards, and she’ll love them just the same now that you have more refined skills.


As we get older, the roles seem to change. As children, we want all of our mother’s attention — all the time. As we age, we become more independent. But, that’s when our mothers want more time with us. A simple dinner date or coffee chat can be just what she needs to make her feel loved on this special day.