Top Official Arrested for Trying to Meet with Underage Child

Top Official Arrested for Trying to Meet with Underage Child

Underage MEETUP – Top Official Arrested Suddenly!

( – According to the FBI, thousands of children across America become victims of some kind of violent crime every year, including sexual abuse or becoming the victim of an online predator. In 2018, federal officials arrested over 2,300 pedophiles in one sting alone. In California, one group helped uncover a pedophile within the US Postal Regulatory Commission (PRC).

In 2022, the PRC hired Russell Rappel-Schmid as its first chief data officer. Little did agency officials know the man’s secret. While on a trip to San Diego for the federal agency, a group known as “People v. Preds” carried out a sting against the employee. Hours later, police arrested him after he tried to meet up with a 14-year-old boy for sex.

How Did Rappel-Schmid Get Caught?

Some say the citizen group is a vigilante association. Members say they formed the organization to catch online predators who seek to harm children. Those involved in the faction often pose as young teens on various websites. When an adult tries to meet with them, the team records the interaction and posts it on YouTube, where they have over 58,000 subscribers. Members have caught people from all walks of life.

The San Diego Union-Tribune reported that members of the team baited the 52-year-old RSC employee into meeting what he thought was a boy at a local outdoor dining facility. When they showed up, they questioned why Rappel-Schmid was there. Those involved in the operation showed the perp his photo, told him his name, and said there was a reason they knew where he was sitting there. In the video, Rappel-Schmid admitted he’s a pedophile.

The group then posted a second video of the Harbor police arriving at the perpetrator’s hotel room. On Monday, July 11, police arrested and took him into custody for allegedly trying to meet with a minor for lewd purposes. On Tuesday morning, police released him on bail ahead of a felony arraignment on July 18.

RSC Fires Rappel-Schmid

Immediately after becoming aware of the situation, the Postal Regulatory Commission issued a statement announcing it immediately fired Rappel-Schmid. Officials said they were “shocked and horrified” by the allegations. The RSC added the agency is committed to promptly dealing with employee misconduct.

A spokesman for the company told the San Diego Union-Tribune that the alleged pedophile was hired five months earlier and said he was in the city on official business for the agency.

Before joining the Postal Service’s oversight body, Rappel-Schmid worked as Alaska’s first chief data officer and for the USPS Office of the Inspector General as a member of the data analytics team and an audit manager. Additionally, the suspect retired from the Marine Corps with more than 20 years of military service.

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