Top Republican Calls Out Unfairness Towards Veterans

Top Republican Calls Out Unfairness Towards Veterans

( – The budget agreement reached between New York Governor Andrew Cuomo (D) and state Democrats grants a whopping $2.1 billion toward unemployment and stimulus checks. That amount of money could do so much for the large population of homeless veterans living in the state. Yet, not a dime of the money will ever reach them, as Democrats earmarked the money for almost 200,000 illegal immigrants who call the state home instead.

The Details of the Budget

The new budget, which runs $212 billion in total, provides New York’s undocumented population with either a lump sum of $15,600 or $300 weekly until the end of 2021. Qualifiers are low; individuals who wish to apply need only show proof of filing a tax return within the past three years. In lieu of that, the program claims to accept letters from employers and proof of wages or job loss instead.

Those who cannot provide even this basic information still have one option: show proof of identity and state residency for a $3,200 check instead.

Meanwhile, there is almost nothing in the budget earmarked specifically for veterans, much less those who are completely homeless. Lawmakers continue to force these brave heroes to work hard for even a shred of support — or seemingly to forget they exist altogether.

The Push Behind the Payments

New York Liberals staunchly support the payments, stating that illegal immigrants need this money to survive. They claim undocumented citizens didn’t qualify for payments under economic stimulus plans from the federal government or through unemployment insurance, requiring specialized, targeted help.

However, it’s important to note the reason they didn’t qualify: they’re here illegally. From a regulatory standpoint, undocumented citizens cannot work unless they hold a permit or green card. To provide handouts to those who skip the line is essentially subsidizing people who are breaking the law.

Lawmakers in the notoriously left-leaning state often overlook these two important points. But most Republicans aren’t quite so willing to pull on their blinders. In fact, Sen. Tom Cotton (R-AR) recently spoke out on the subject, sharing his outrage that undocumented immigrants received a huge handout while over 1,200 homeless veterans were allotted absolutely nothing.

Who’s Helping Veterans?

New York’s Liberal leaders must remember veterans’ sacrifices, making this country a place illegal immigrants want to come to. Our veterans deserve much more than what they get, especially when struggles are at an all-time high.

Thus far, the state has done very little to help the homeless veteran population throughout the pandemic. In fact, most help for them has come from private groups and organizations.

There is a way to fight back: at the polls. By voting for Conservatives who believe in supporting veterans, it is possible to push out those who would cover illegal immigrants first. Whether you think the issue relates to who deserves the money more or just feel we should be helping our own first, something has to change.

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