Top Stories 4-12-16

17 Common Phrases You Never Knew You were Saying All Wrong

Just when you thought you couldn’t say anything more dumb… you say these things.
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How to Get Out of a Speeding Ticket, According to Cops

Sway the odds in your favor to get out of getting a speeding ticket… Here’s how.
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CDC: More than 30 States at High Risk of Zika Transmission

Zika Virus wreaking havoc across the U.S. and it’s starting with these 30 states…
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Can a Bottle Made from Algae End the World’s Plastic Addiction?

The first edible water bottle? How to stay hydrated and fed all in one product.
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[Video] Woman Steals Wedding Ring from Corpse in Open Casket

A woman is caught stealing… from the dead.
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9 Ways that Processed Foods are Slowly Killing People

Is this the reason people all over the world are getting fat and sick?
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