Top Stories 6-10-16

Katie Couric Now Accused of Deceptive Editing for 2014’s “Fed Up”

Another Katie Couric documentary has come into question. Couric, who already faced backlash for questionable editing in her documentary “Under the Gun,” is now being accused of doing the same thing with her 2014 film “Fed Up.”
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San Francisco Wants Flyover Ban so Blue Angels Can’t “Strafe” City

In the wake of last week’s fatal Blue Angels jet crash in Tennessee, a San Francisco lawmaker wants to ban the famed F/A-18 fighter jets from being able to fly over his city — and, in his words, “strafe neighborhoods.”
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Hackers May Have Used Malware to Grab 33 Million Twitter Account Credentials

Hackers are trading tens of millions of Twitter credentials on the darknet, according to LeakedSource, a search engine that trawls leaked records, warning that malware was used to grab the data from users.
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