Top Stories 6-23-16

Supreme Court Blocks Obama Immigration Plan

The Supreme Court on Thursday blocked President Obama’s immigration executive actions, in a tie decision that delivers a win to states challenging his plan to give a deportation reprieve to millions of illegal immigrants.
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Hillary Clinton’s Amazing, Almost Comical Economic Speech

What an amazing speech in Columbus on Tuesday by Hillary Clinton. She started off by telling the American people what is patently obvious: “People are working harder and longer just to keep their heads above water…
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The Dirty Secret about the Four Senate Gun Control Bills

In Orlando on Thursday, President Obama again called on Congress to do something about these mass public shootings. But the dirty secret about the four different bills that the Senate will vote on Monday is that everyone knows that none of them would have stopped the Orlando massacre. Indeed, none of the bills would have stopped any of the mass public shootings since at least 2000.
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