Top Stories 8-09-16

Parents of 2 Benghazi Victims Sue Hillary Clinton for Wrongful Death, Defamation

The parents of two of the four Americans who died in the Benghazi attack in 2012 filed a lawsuit Monday against Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton, alleging her “reckless handling” of classified information contributed to their deaths.
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Iran’s Ex-President Ahmadinejad asks Obama to “Fix” $2B Supreme Court Ruling

Iran’s former hard-line President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad sent a letter on Monday to President Barack Obama, asking him to “quickly fix” a U.S. Supreme Court ruling allowing families of people killed in attacks linked to Iran to collect damages from some $2 billion in frozen assets.
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Campaign Adviser Explains Trump’s New Plan for Tax Brackets

Trump’s Economic Policies Explained by his Economic Adviser
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