Top Stories 8-18-16

Trump Gets First Intelligence Briefing as Presidential Nominee

Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump got his first look Wednesday at classified intelligence on threats to the United States and other security issues. The more than two-hour briefing was held at an FBI field office in New York City and was led by the Office of the Director of National Intelligence (ODNI).
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Southern California Wildfire Grows to 25,000 Acres, Threatens Thousands of Homes

The latest wildfire to scorch Southern California advanced on thousands of homes Wednesday, ravaging several structures as it expanded to at least 25,000 acres while feeding on drought-stricken vegetation.
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US Swimmers Pulled Off Homebound Flight as Questions Surround Lochte Robbery Claim

Two U.S. Olympic swimmers were pulled off their flight home by Brazilian federal police Wednesday as new questions arose about robbery claims made by swimming star Ryan Lochte.
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