Top White House Ally Could Destroy Biden’s Economic Plans

Top White House Ally Could Destroy Biden's Economic Plans

( – The Democratic Party and President Joe Biden are pushing a massive spending bill they’re calling “human infrastructure.” The nearly $2-trillion plan is based on the idea that families need more support, like with child care, in order to get back to work so the economy can fully recover. However, a White House ally recently contradicted that theory.

On May 17, Jason Furman, who was the former head of Barack Obama’s Council of Economic Advisers, joined two other economists (Melissa Kearney and Wilson Powell III) to study how much childcare challenges have slowed the economic recovery. The economists came to the conclusion that “excess employment declines among parents of young children are not a driver of continuing low employment levels.” In fact, they discovered that the employment rate of young parents has gone down by 4.5% while that of people without children has decreased by 5.2%.

Why does the Biden administration want to spend so much money if issues with childcare aren’t even a driving force behind the massive number of job openings? It makes little sense to put America deeper in debt just for the sake of it and that’s what he would be doing. It’s time for the president to rein in his spending plans and act responsibly.

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