Trojan Horse Virus Scam Spreading on Android Phones

Trojan Horse Virus Scam Spreading on Android Phones

( – Hackers are finding different ways to attack people and businesses every day. Cell phones are as vulnerable as computers and Android users are at particularly high risk.

A new Android banking malware is allowing hackers to take control of people’s phones remotely. The malware is called Octo and is reportedly based on ExoCompact, a variant of the Exo Trojan that was sold on Dark Web marketplaces back in 2016. The virus was popular until its source code leaked in 2018.

According to Tom’s Guide, the hackers created a virus that allows them to hide what they’re doing with a black overlay. They activate a “no interruption” mode and disable notifications, allowing Android users to think their phone is off. That gives the hackers time to exploit the user’s phone and gain access to information within the device. The website revealed there are a number of ways that phone users can be exposed to the virus but the main way is that it masquerades as a legitimate Google Play app.

Android users can protect themselves by being careful about what they install. Only install apps from trusted sources and regularly check to ensure Play Protect is activated. Phone users can also install antivirus apps on their devices.

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