Troubled Presidential Campaign for Hillary Clinton… Thank You, Bill

Troubled Presidential Campaign for Hillary Clinton
Troubled Presidential Campaign for Hillary Clinton

Hillary Clinton is quickly realizing that having her husband campaign for her does not come without reprise. It seems the former Secretary of State is doing a lot more about defending his womanizing past than truly being able to concentrate on the 2016 presidential contest.
With the aid of Donald Trump, a woman who has long claimed that she was sexually harassed by former President Bill Clinton, is set on making sure the Clinton’s are out of the White House for good.

Clinton is all about women’s rights yet she was ruthless of women who accused her husband of rape.

Kathleen Willey, the former White House volunteer worker who claimed Bill Clinton sexually assaulted her in a White House hallway during his first term, has signed on to be the national spokeswoman for a political action group being run by Roger Stone, a Republican strategist and Trump supporter. She plans to make public appearances and be featured in advertisements that will air all across the country during the 2016 campaign.
Bill Clinton admitting he cheated on Hillary

Republican frontrunner Donald Trump has characterized Hillary Clinton as an “enabler” of her husband’s indiscretions and alleged that she had helped to discredit his accusers.
“I’m going to let the American voters decide what’s relevant and what’s not relevant,” she said when asked about Trump’s accusations during a recent Democratic debate.
Both Clintons have tried desperately not to engage, each uttering the identical “I have no response” when questioned separately about the matter.