Trump [Accidentally] Tweets His Own Guilt!

Trump Accidentally Tweets His Own Guilt

Someone left President Trump alone with Twitter again, and this time, he may have taken things one step too far without realizing it. Trump’s latest tweet speaks of him and those around him being under surveillance. It sounds innocent enough and certainly isn’t anything new, but the issue is what is implied by the tweet.

In order for there to be surveillance assigned to President Trump during or before the campaign, it would have had to be because of a federal warrant. If there was no such warrant, then Trump would not have been the assigned target under surveillance. Instead, the person or people that Donald Trump and his team were associating with would have been the targets.

One of two things must have happened.

Either Trump and/or people on his team were suspected of criminal activity, or the people they were associating with were suspected of criminal activity. Of course, that’s assuming that federal agencies are playing by the rules, too.
President Trump’s tweet suggests offense based on the idea of being under surveillance, citing it as “unprecedented.” But, we don’t know that for sure, do we? What we do know is unprecedented is a president running the country from a Twitter account and raising more questions than he is answering with it.