Trump Administration Fights Opioid Crisis

Trump Administration Fights Against Opioid Crisis

( – President Trump took decisive action when the opioid crisis was in full swing and the results show.

While the number of overdose deaths is down — which is great news — the battle is far from over.

The Trump administration has overcome a dispute regarding how to deal with new variations of fentanyl that could be used to continue stemming the tide of overdose-related deaths. This new measure would give the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) the authority to categorize all fentanyl analogs the same as heroin and cocaine. This means law enforcement could have an easier time prosecuting individuals who sell chemical variations of fentanyl.

Additionally, the resolution to these disputes wouldn’t hinder the crucial research already underway to combat the drug crisis. In fact, the law would ease restrictions on studying fentanyl analogs.

A copy of the drafted law was given to the Senate last fall, though it has yet to pass. Instead, the Senate voted to extend the DEA’s powers for 15 months to allow it to conduct a new study, which would determine how the law could affect research into fentanyl analogs.

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