Trump Administration Implements New Restrictions on Asylum Eligibility

Trump Administration Implements New Restrictions on Asylum Eligibility

( – Throughout the presidential race, Joe Biden repeatedly said he was going to do away with all of President Donald Trump’s executive orders on day one if he won the election. He specifically talked about the president’s immigration policies, like limits on the number of refugees allowed to seek asylum in America. But Trump was smart about how he went about making the rule changes, and the former vice president is going to have an awfully hard time overturning them.

Although Trump is still fighting the election results, it’s looking like Joe Biden might be sworn in next month. If that happens, new immigration limits will greet him. The Trump administration’s strict asylum rules could go into effect before January 20, and Biden won’t be able to change them any time soon because the president went through the proper procedures for policy change.

If Biden wants to change the asylum rules again, he will have to go through the same process or pass a law. Since Congress is divided, it will probably take about two years to change the guidelines limiting the circumstances under which someone qualifies to stay in the US. This is expected to lead to fewer refugees who are able to come here. Trump maintains it’s necessary to keep America safe and preserve jobs for citizens who are out of work during the pandemic. Looks like Biden’s hands might be tied on this issue.


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