Trump Administration Offers Help to Capitol Police Rejected — TWICE!

Trump Administration Offers Help to Capitol Police Rejected -- TWICE!

( – Democrats and the media have rushed to blame the Trump administration for last Wednesday’s riots on Capitol Hill – but, as usual, if you put the facts together they tell a much different story. In fact, the administration knew trouble was possible and had offered help to prevent it. Twice.

In the run-up to last week’s joint session of Congress, local law enforcement had a wide range of estimates of how many protestors might be there. Federal agencies had carried out an analysis, though, and expected a large crowd. On Sunday, January 3, the Pentagon offered the US Capitol Police extra manpower from the Army National Guard – the DC National Guard includes a military police brigade. Even far-left DC mayor Muriel Bowser backed this offer. The Capitol Police refused it.

On Wednesday, with the disorder already underway, the Justice Department offered FBI agents to reinforce the overwhelmed Capitol cops. Again, the Capitol Police refused the assistance.

It’s unclear why they preferred to fail than accept help, but the reasons are almost certainly political. However, so is the outcome. Now the president is being blamed for a riot his administration tried to prevent.

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