Trump Admits “Biggest Mistake,” More Dem Candidates and Oregon’s Republicans Take a Stand Against Energy Rate Hike

Trump Says That Sessions Has Been His Biggest Mistake

Trump stated that appointing Jeff Sessions as the attorney general “was the biggest mistake during an interview with NBC’s “Meet the Press.”

Trump and Sessions had a great relationship during the 2016 campaign. Sessions was the first senator to endorse and strongly support Trump. Their relationship changed when Sessions recused himself from the Muller investigation. Although the Democrats were thrilled with this move, many people, including the president, were very unhappy.

Plenty of heartache could have been spared if Sessions was never involved with the Trump administration in the first place.

25 Democrats Are Now Running for President

Another day means another person has decided to join the Democrat’s list of people who think they have a chance at the Oval Office.

Former Representative Joe Sestak from Pennsylvania is the newest hopeful, but he probably won’t be the last. In an attempt to find someone who can win the upcoming election every Tom, Dick and Harry has joined the race. It’s obvious that Democrats have never heard the saying “quality over quantity.”

Senate Republicans Walk out Over Greenhouse Gas Bill

Republicans in Oregon are taking and stand against a new bill that would damage small businesses and harm Oregon’s lucrative logging industry.

Democrats introduced a bill that would increase the price of energy. The drastic rise in fuel costs would crush many of Oregon’s businesses. Senate Republicans seem to be the only politicians who care about the working class — they are doing everything in their power to stop this bill from passing in spite of Democratic opposition.

Because Republicans are the minority, they can’t fight the bill by voting. Negotiations broke down, so there’s only so much the Right can do. In choosing to walk out, they temporarily prevent the bill from moving forward.

Hopefully, this will give the Democrats time to realize what a huge mistake they’re making — but we doubt it.

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