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Kayleigh McEnany Claims Trump Should Suspend 2024 Announcement

Kayleigh McEnany Claims Trump Should Suspend 2024 Announcement

( – Former White House Press Secretary Kayleigh McEnany is one of 45th President Donald Trump’s strongest supporters. Even before she started working for him during his presidency, observers could often see her on cable TV defending his positions. Her devotion to her ex-boss hasn’t waned in the nearly two years since the end of his term.

Recently, McEnany was discussing the midterm elections in her new position on Fox News and had a suggestion for the former president.

Hold Off

Voters will decide the Georgia Senate race in a runoff election next month because neither Senator Raphael Warnock (D) nor Republican challenger Herschel Walker received more than 50% of the vote. On November 9, McEnany pointed to that race as a reason nobody should be talking about the 2024 elections yet.

The Epoch Times reported McEnany said, “I know there’s a temptation to starting talking about 2024 — no, no, no, no, no.” She went on to say the midterm elections are still happening, and they need to conclude first. Specifically, she mentioned Georgia, pointing out that the fate of Senate control will run through the Peach State as it did in 2021.

One of the former press secretary’s co-hosts asked if she meant Trump should hold off on making any announcements, and McEnany responded, “I think he needs to put it on pause.” She went on to say the 45th POTUS will “make his own decision,” but she believes all the energy needs to focus on the Senate runoff in Georgia at the moment.

Trump’s Announcement

Trump plans to make an announcement on November 15 from Mar-a-Lago. While he hasn’t said what it’s in regards to, many are speculating he could announce he’s running for president again. In the past, he said he would decide what he wanted to do after the midterms. The former president has repeatedly made remarks that sound as if he intends to run.

In October, The Hill reported Trump told a crowd in Robstown, Texas, he “will probably have to” run again “to make our country successful, safe, and glorious.”

Trump has also been a vocal supporter of Herschel Walker and has not indicated that he intends to abandon him ahead of the Georgia runoff. So, while McEnany thinks the former president should wait to announce a run — if that’s what he intends to do — isn’t it possible he could campaign for himself and Walker? What do you think?

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