Trump and Biden Spar Over Law & Order

Trump and Biden Spar Over Law & Order

( – The heavyweight championship of the world is up for grabs. However, instead of fighting in a ring, two contenders are duking it out for the right to be the leader of the free world. In one corner, President Donald Trump wants four more years to finish what he started. In the other corner, a retired fighter in former Vice President Joe Biden still thinks he has what it takes to grind it out one last time.

There’s a lot on the line as law and order in the United States take center stage. Whoever can spar the best in the arena of ideas will likely persuade America and take home the prize in just two short months. At this point in the fight, either contender could win. However, what’s at stake is more than just pride and ego — it’s the heart and soul of a nation.

Violence, riots, looting, and parts of destroyed Democratic-led cities are quickly changing the 2020 election landscape as local Democrats move to defund the police. In June, Trump established himself as the fighter for law and order who said he wouldn’t turn his back on the police. It’s a familiar refrain for Republicans that goes all the way back to Barry Goldwater in the early 1970s.

For months, Biden ignored the violence. Polls are showing that Americans are turning on him over the issue. As a result, the former vice president has been forced out of his basement to turn around his campaign.

Is it too little, too late?

Trump Bets 2020 on Law and Order

Over the last month, the president has been hammering away at Democrat mayors and governors who allowed violence and destruction in their communities. In his acceptance speech as the Republican nominee in 2016, candidate Trump declared himself then the “law and order candidate.” Now, he’s claiming this once again. In the wake of George Floyd’s death in police custody, Trump came out strong, declaring he wasn’t just the president of law and order, but also an ally of peaceful protestors.

On Tuesday, September 1, in Kenosha, WI, Trump must have decided to take the gloves off after rioters destroyed dozens of properties and businesses. He also met law enforcement and praised them for their sacrifices and hard work. Just a few days earlier, Jacob Blake was shot in the back by police while allegedly reaching for a weapon in his car. He’s currently in the hospital and is reportedly paralyzed from the waist down.

Referring to the riots, Trump called out the violence as “domestic terror” and called the rioters “violent mobs.”

At a rally on Thursday, September 3, in Latrobe, PA, Trump went hard after Biden and said the Democratic nominee would surrender the nation to the left-wing mob, defund the police, and let criminals run wild.

Biden Fights Back

While Trump was in Latrobe, Biden left the basement for Kenosha to talk with Blake’s family by phone. At a small gathering with 20 people, which pales in comparison to any of Trump’s events, Biden sought to play up a message of unity with protestors over social justice. He also tried to reposition the fight by stating that American’s are “not buying” Trump’s law and order message.

The former vice president also attempted to argue that the battleground polls suggest Trump is losing on the law and order message. However, he didn’t cite which battleground polls as each one is significantly tightening, and his lead has been erased since the Democratic convention.

Unless something dramatic changes over the next two months, the law and order message is likely to remain the central theme for the remainder of the campaigns. Other themes that will likely be considered among voters is the economy and recovering from COVID-19.

Stay tuned as America begins to tune into the election after the Labor Day weekend, and the debates kick off the end of September. In November, the voters will decide who gets the championship belt.

By Don Purdum, Freelance Contributor

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