Trump and RNC: Democrats Are Rigging Election

Trump and RNC: Democrats Are Rigging Election

( – So, it begins… Democrats claim they are fighting voter suppression and Republicans say they are fighting voter fraud. This week, the Republican National Committee (RNC) and Trump’s re-election campaign committed more than $10 million to challenge Democratic groups who have filed lawsuits in multiple states.

Voter rights are taking center stage in the fight for presidential votes. Democrats say they want to make it easier for people to vote and Republicans counter that they must protect against voter fraud.

Michigan Is Ground Zero

For decades, Michigan has been a reliable state for Democrats. That changed in 2016 as Trump won Michigan by the narrowest margin in the country.

In November, Democratic super PAC, Priorities USA, filed multiple federal lawsuits in the Eastern District of Michigan Southern Division. The lawsuits challenge state laws that restrict activists and organizers who want to help voters submit absentee ballots. They are also trying to overturn a law that prohibits organizers from driving voters to polling places unless they are “unable to walk.”

Priorities USA claims that the laws are a “severe burden” on someone’s ability to vote.

Wednesday night, the RNC and the Trump Campaign filed to join the lawsuit as defendants.

The state Republican party and the RNC said in the filing that the laws were constitutional and valid and provide structure as well as “ensure the integrity of the electoral environment.”

Democrats Are Trying to Rig the Election in Michigan

RNC Chairwoman Ronna McDaniel accused Priorities USA and Democrats of rigging the election using frivolous suits. She said that they accomplish nothing and create chaos, waste taxpayer dollars, and distract election officials.

In their attempt to create a fake narrative around voter suppression, McDaniel’s said they are pursuing these tactics “because they know they can’t beat President Trump at the Ballot Box.”

She further said that the RNC will not allow Democrats to sue their way to victory.

The RNC Is Actively Fighting Back Nationwide

Left-wing groups are actively filing suits in other states hoping it helps them increase voter turnout in November.

They aren’t alone… the RNC and Trump campaign has promised to spend millions of dollars in court challenges filed by Democrats around the country. They recently got involved in voter related cases in Arizona and Florida — two other 2020 battleground states.

Both the RNC and Trump campaign are coordinating to train and send out tens of thousands of volunteers and thousands of lawyers in battleground states. Together, they pledged to spend millions of dollars to ensure fairness throughout the country and that each vote is accurately counted and tallied legally.

McDaniel’s said that Republicans are ready “to aggressively defend” the November elections.

By Don Purdum, Freelance Contributor

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