Trump Announces New “America First” Healthcare Plan

Trump Announces New

( – Democrat presidential candidate Joe Biden has always assumed he can win the debate on healthcare — but that might have just changed. President Trump issued a new executive order on Thursday, September 24, that could turn the whole argument around and leave the Dems rocking back on their heels.

Trump Unveils “America First” Healthcare Plan 

During a campaign rally in Charlotte, NC, the president publicly signed an executive order that makes some radical changes in the US healthcare system. Since his 2016 election campaign, he’s been determined to replace the flawed Obamacare with a healthcare plan that genuinely meets the needs of ordinary Americans, and the plans unveiled Thursday are a big step towards achieving that.

One key element of the new “America First” plan is a declaration that official US policy is that pre-existing medical conditions should not prevent people from getting affordable health insurance coverage. The policy change is an end-run around resistance from insurance companies; while it isn’t legally binding, it pressures insurers to abide by official national policy.

No More Surprises

A major and ongoing issue with US healthcare has been that patients often find themselves being handed unexpected, and often large, bills. For example, 16% of hospital stays and 18% of ER visits result in at least one unexpected bill. President Trump believes this creates financial insecurity and deters people from seeking the care they need. Now, he’s issued an executive order instructing Congress to pass a law banning surprise bills by the beginning of next year; if Congress fails to do this, the administration will push forward with executive action on the issue.

The administration is pushing the Supreme Court to strike down the entire Affordable Care Act, which imposed Obamacare. The case is due to be heard a week before the election, and the court no longer has a pro-ACA majority. That’s triggered the Democrats, who are furiously trying to preserve the failed Obamacare. 

Biden has promised to build on his predecessor’s plan if he wins the election. With this week’s executive orders, President Trump has countered the Dems’ only real arguments against ACA repeal and put healthcare on a more solid foundation — not to mention front and center in the campaign.

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