Trump Appointee Sues Biden Administration

Trump Appointee Sues Biden Administration

( – On Tuesday, February 2, Joe Biden’s administration reportedly demanded a number of former President Donald Trump’s appointees tender resignation letters by the next day. One of the officials the new president targeted was Administrative Conference of the United States member Roger Severino. Now, he’s suing.

On Wednesday, Severino filed a lawsuit against the Biden administration in US District Court for allegedly threatening him with illegal termination. The executive branch official was appointed by Trump to serve a three-year term in the role. He released a statement saying he would not resign from his “duly commissioned post” and the move by the president proves he was manipulating the American people when he made “lofty promises of healing and uniting” the country.

Severino’s position on the council is supposed to be shielded from partisan political actions, but Biden doesn’t seem to care. Now his lack of concern is landing him in court.


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