Trump Appoints New Secretary of DHS

Trump Appoints New Secretary of DHS
Trump Appoints New Secretary of DHS

It’s all about the movers and the shakers…
President Trump is mixing things up again by ousting current DHS Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen from her post. Why? He isn’t happy with her stance and focus on the current crisis along the Mexican border. We’ll explain where she went wrong and then tell you how the President plans to move forward.

Key Points

  • The last few days have been tough for border officials. Winter slowed the flow of migrants slightly, but recent volume spikes show we aren’t much further ahead than we were last fall.
  • President Trump knows the only way to truly tighten up security is to build a wall and staff critical entry points with Border Patrol agents. But not everyone agrees; some feel he is too rigid and inflexible about his demands.
  • In the case of Kirstjen Nielsen, however, the story isn’t just black and white. In fact, compared to other leaders at the DHS, she stood closer to the Trump administration’s hard-line views than most.
  • Nielsen’s viewpoints were so far right-leaning that she was even criticized by the Left, who called her “cruel” and “heartless.” Some Democratic leaders have also shamed her for not doing more to stand up to President Trump. They’ve even accused her of causing a “humanitarian crisis.”
  • So how did Kirstjen Nielsen get from being closer to Trump’s policies than nearly anyone else… yet still managed to get fired? The answer lies in the phrase “all talk, no action.” It’s easy to SAY you support the President, but when you’re working under him, you also have to take action, too.
  • Although the President has yet to confirm the rumors, it seems he may have asked her to step aside out of frustration with climbing migrant numbers. While she did effectively become the face of Trump’s “zero tolerance” policy, he may feel she isn’t doing enough to make it work.
  • Nielsen was also cryptic about her departure, saying only that she “determined that it is the right time… to step aside.” Giving best wishes for the future, she added that she hopes “… the next secretary will have the support of Congress and the courts in fixing the laws which have impeded our ability to fully secure America’s borders and which have contributed to discord in our nation’s discourse.
  • This isn’t the first time Nielsen and Trump have come to proverbial blows. In fact, Trump almost fired her shortly after stepping into office when she expressed frustration over having to deal with his “anger” about the escalating border crisis. He also directly blamed her for escalating inflow of migrants at multiple points, saying her inaction exacerbated the problem.
  • Still, the President has praised her at points, mostly for her views on cybersecurity and elections security. But liking someone – or even liking a few of their policies – does not necessarily make them the right choice for such an important position. The President is able to set aside his own personal bias to really make the right decisions (even if others may not understand). I believe the term here is, “Git ‘er done.”

Nielsen is being replaced; Trump tweeted the announcement shortly after revealing her coming departure. “….I am pleased to announce that Kevin McAleenan, the current U.S. Customs and Border Protection Commissioner,” he wrote, “[who] will become Acting Secretary for @DHSgov. I have confidence that Kevin will do a great job!”